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Saturday, Dec 9, 2023


Hi, Its indeed a bit tricky to install. I′m using Linux, I used wine to run the XcomUtil 9.7.exe executable. The install directory was the mount point I used under Linux to mount my "C" drive in Dosbox (my case ~/dosgames). So the installation directory that I used during the Xcom Util wizard was: /home//dosgames/UFO. After the install, I just copied all files from ′UFO′ directory into my ~/dosgames/UFO directory manually. Now I switch to Dosbox. And execute the just installed XcuSetup.bat script in my UFO folder. This will do the actual setup with some advanced improvement patches if you want. Now its working!

I don′t think the UFOCRACK.COM is really necessary. If you want to play the game without mounting the CD just input the follow in the command line:
where D: is your CD and C: is the drive on which you wish to install XCOM.
Also the latest update (1.4) disables the copy protection codes.

X-com 1 2 e 3 funcionam em dosbox. PONTO.

1 cria uma pasta e descompacta o game nela (recomendo c:games)
2 monta a pasta do game em dosbox. (recomendo c:games)
mount c c:games
3 digite c: e navegue para a pasta do game
4 tecle TAB e os executáveis aparecerão
5 digite UFO

Obs: setup configura o som. É só teclar enter até sair.

I′m wondering if this will work on computers, My only real problems when playing it on the site is that it seems a little laggy which ruins the music which makes the game hard to play. I′m not too old being only 15 but I remember back in the day when i was little playing games like this one and I feel nostalgic.

  • Release name: X-COM 未知なる侵略者, X-Com: UFO Defense Collector′s Edition, X-COM: Terran Defense Force, X-COM: Michi Naru Shinryakusha, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, UFO: Enemy Unknown, UFO: Der unbekannte Gegner, Laser Squad 2
  • Year: 1994
  • Platform: DOS
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Theme: RPG Elements, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Turn-based
  • Publisher: MicroProse Software, Inc.
  • Developer: Mythos Games Ltd.
  • Perspectives: Isometric, Bird′s-eye view
  • Dosbox support – Fully supported on current version

31 thoughts on “X-COM: UFO Defense – Download”

  1. one of the bests ever….
    i play this game once in every year since 1995. now i can finish it in 9 months (in game time) on superhuman. absolutely addictive game

  2. I downloaded and played this but after 1 hour i delete it, why? well because the game have some many bad points like the enemy can shoot you when you cant even see them T_T

  3. You have to run via to avoid a crash.

    Maybe running prior to this is neccessary as well as relocating some files into the main file e.g. UFO.exe from UFOEXE into UFO.

  4. hye, go steal the games form gog then on torrent sites if the game dint work ,what are you saying?you all shoiuld know how to get the games if gog is stealing them from you !!

  5. hye, go steal the games form gog then on torrent sites if the game dint work ,what are you saying?you all shoiuld know how to get the games if gog is stealing them from you !!

  6. Just cant seem to get this game x-com anywhere. My friend that died of cancer used to play this with me before he passed, and would love to finish the game out. I lost the damn disc, and old tower we played on. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Byron Mcclellan.

  7. don′t run the xcomutil. Norton thinks it is a virus. It might not be, but it isn′t necessary to play the game. Just use doxbox (the latest), and ignore the request for a game code and press enter

  8. I′m trying to install on dosbox on my galaxy s 3. I am at the install screen and it tells me to insert disc 1, and won′t let me continue with the install. How do i get past this?

  9. cant get this to work on dosbox, wont even open the game folder,
    having same issue with x-com-terror-from-the-deep, however i made sure only one was present but still neither work.
    any help plz?

  10. If you′re trying to play this through DOSBox and you′re getting a blank screen when running it, try opening the UFO.BAT file with a text editor and add "rem" followed by a in front of the command "%1intro".

  11. Is it the newer X-Com on Steam?

    Try to level up a variety of soldiers, since many of them will inevitably be found to be psychically/mentally weak…

  12. I can′t figure out how to run in my dosbox. I beat it on ps1, still have it and can′t get my emulator to play it… Someone please explain how to make it happen! Tytytyty

  13. Adding my voice to the chorus, one of the best games ever made (even though we all know the real aliens are just the US Air Force in disguise :0 ). Along with Jagged Alliance 2, one of the best and most addictive turn-based tactical game ever made. The current incarnation by Firaxis have brilliant Unreal Engine graphics, but could not match the depth and game play of this game. Having played this, the Firaxis game is very limited and frustrating. For the real afficionados you can try OpenXCom in sourceforge.

  14. Ok it seems dosbox 0.74 work much better with the cd version of this game (v1.4). Saddly the link here only provide the floppy v1.2 version.

  15. hi,

    I have download this game and D-Fend Reloaded.
    The game works fine, i have played like 5 hours, and now, every new same game i try to make is corrupt (when i try to load it, the game freeze and nothing happend).
    Hopefully, i had different save file, so i didnt lost much, but now i can′t progress in the game (or to be more precise i cannot save anymore ^^).
    Any idea on how to fix this issue ?

  16. Absolutely hands down the best game ever! The new one is ok but nothing will ever be better than this… and star wars galaxies… that is all.

  17. I forgot to mention that you have to capture a leader, so research on him; then do research on mars solution or something like that. THEN capture/do research on a commander. The game says that commanders reside only in alien bases, but that isn′t entirely true. I have captured a commander on a battleship. I wouldn′t have known what it was beforehand except that I was using the mind tool to discover what each alien was before attacking it. When I saw it, I was surprised. The game tries to fool you by having the commander standing outside where it will be one of the first aliens contacted. without the mind tool, you won′t know what it is, and will end up killing it and missing the opportunity to capture him. Don′t worry about losing a couple of soldiers in the process, because it makes the game shorter. Try and isolate the commander, then gang up on him with at least 3 or 4 soldiers with stun rods at the same time.

  18. In order to finish the game, you have to capture a commander from a battleship and do research on him, but you have to be sure to do research on all of the other aliens first, not all of the races, just several of the officers, starting with a soldie

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