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Saturday, Dec 9, 2023


I have downloaded "X-COM: Terror from the Deep" which is in DOS. Your site with this download also shows a patch, and I have downloaded it as well. I am running it through Boxer on a Mac OS 10.6.8, but can not figure out how to use the patch. I can not even open the "read me" located in the patch file, as Mac says there is no app to do so. How would I use this patch?

I had some difficulty getting this to install correctly. If anyone else is having problems, this is what I did to get it to work:

imgmount x C:pathtoTERROR.ISO -t iso

Then just go though the install.

DON′T run the install command. It does not install it correctly.

Do you think you can distribute this game with the animated cinematics? Even though the HDD install replaces them with slides, they can still be re-enabled by doing the following: Copy the ANIMS folder from the CD-ROM into the game directory then create a file called cdspeed.dat and place it in the SOUND directory. To create the cdspeed.dat, the easiest method is use any plain text editor and save a blank file as CDSPEED.DAT.

Also, remember guys to patch it to v2.1, I had to do it because I could′t research magnetic navigation. Patch solves so many bugs.

@Emmanuel Goldstein: If you have problems with speed of the game, configure DoxBox to your liking. This worked for me:
Change number of cycles if needed.

  • Release name: 幽浮2:深海出擊, X-COM 2, UFO 2, TFTD
  • Year: 1995
  • Platform: DOS
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Theme: Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Submarine, Turn-based, War
  • Publisher: MicroProse Software, Inc.
  • Developer: MicroProse Ltd.
  • Perspectives: Isometric, Bird′s-eye view

27 thoughts on “X-COM: Terror from the Deep – Download”

  1. could NEVER figure out how to play these X-COM games?
    to this day I have no idea how to play them….too overwhelming!
    I need a frigging manual or something, a lot of people like these
    games though so they must be doing something right.

  2. is the game even in Italian? i had it for PS1 and the game had italian language, but i bought it on steam the other day and there isn′t the italian language….

  3. Fegelein! Why didn′t you add our swastika and they whole Third Reich army on it! We could exterminate all those aliens like what we did with those Jeaws!

  4. I played this when i was released… such an awesome game… nothing like it sense.. was a cool concept…. those aliens are a bitch… be careful aaghghghghg

  5. the best advice would be for you to get windows based MS-DOS emulator. im using DOSBOX and the game works fine with it, just read readme included with this software. its simple and easy and works for anyone.

  6. you could also make a dos boot disk, put the game′s files on another, boot from the disk and play it that way… although the sound would be messed up and on new pc′s it would be waaaaay too fast.

  7. I love this game but I′m having a problem in the battle screen– the mouse zooms around super fast– I don′t know how to slow it down… anyone have this problem?

  8. why is the language is not english See older comments (48)

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