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Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024


This is exactly the same version of Oregon Trail I had on my home computer when I was in elementary school! I′m SO glad I found it. I′m also using Windows 7 and got the sound to work by doing the following:

- Open the OTWIN32 folder. Save a copy of OREGON.INI to your desktop just to be safe.

- Open the configuration settings file OREGON.INI. It should open in Notepad.

- There is an arrow symbol at the bottom of the text that should not be there. Just delete it.

- Close and save the file. When you run OREGON32.EXE, it should run with full sound. :)

Happy trails, kiddos!

To make it go full screen, select the "Run at 640 X 480 screen resolution" option, which is found under the Compatibility tab. Also select "Disable visual themes" if you want to save your games. My machine is Windows 7 32 bit, and Oregon Trail 1.2 needs to be run in Windows 95 Compatibility Mode. Happy Trails!

KT said to delete the arrow in oregon.INI. however, there is not arrow there for me to delete and the sound does not work when playing the game. The music files is just below oregon.ini and oregon32.exe and play whenever I open the files in windows media player. How do i get them to play in the game as well as the character′s voices?

  • Release name: The Oregon Trail for Windows 3.1/95 & Macintosh
  • Year: 1995
  • Platform: Windows
  • Genre: Adventure, Educational, Simulation
  • Theme: Managerial, Real-Time
  • Publisher: MECC
  • Developer: MECC
  • Perspectives: 3rd-Person, Side view

18 thoughts on “The Oregon Trail 1.2 for Windows – Download”

  1. I can get sound to work by running in Windows 95 compatibility mode, but the screen size is small, and no way to maximize. I am using Windows 10, 64bit.

  2. I got it working in Windows 7 64 bit by setting 95 compatibility on the icon. However its a very small window, and ALT TAB doesn′t make it go full screen. Are there any other tricks you guys know of to run it full screen?

  3. Just drag the .exe file for the game to DosBox, and it works fine. If not, right-click on oregon32.exe. Then, click on properties. Select "Compatability", and select Windows 95. Just open it up.

  4. For 64bit use DOSBOX. Simply Drag the Oregon Trail exe are dos file right into DOSBOX. Your game will load with no issues. Im using the same method

  5. Seems like an interesting game, downloading right now! Hope it′s everything I hope it is! (Ironic since if im right this game is 20-30 yrs. old XD)

  6. I loved this game when I was a little kid, used to play it in school whenever I got to go on the computer. Too bad I had a limited amount of time back then.

  7. I got this version to run in Windows 7, by running the game as mentioned above, though the music and voices don′t play. The rest of the sound effects work just fine though! It′s awesome to be able to play this game again!

  8. this version does not work under windows xp, instead run oregon trail deluxe under dox box See older comments (44)

    Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you′d like. If you have trouble to run The Oregon Trail 1.2 for Windows (Windows) first!

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