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Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Release name: 戰地風雲1942, 战地1942, BF1942 Year: 2002 Platform: Windows Released in: Australia Genre: Action Theme: Flight, Historical Battle (specific/exact), Naval, Shooter, Tank, War, World War II Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc. Developer: Digital Illusions CE AB Perspectives: 1st-Person, Behind view

Release name: 帝国时代, 世紀帝國, Tribe, Diguo Shidai, Dawn of Man, AoE, Age of Empires: Un juego épico para crear y conquistar imperios, Age of Empires: Ein Spiel über große Zivilsationen und Eroberungen, Age Of Empires: Bâtissez votre civilization., Age of Empires: An Epic Game of Empire-Building and Conquest, Age of Continue Reading

Year: 1994 Platform: DOS Released in: United States Genre: Strategy Theme: Historical Battle (specific/exact), Turn-based, War, Wargame, World War II Publisher: Strategic Simulations, Inc. Developer: Strategic Simulations, Inc. Perspective: Top-Down Dosbox support – – Supported on 0.73

Release name: 南北大战乱世情, Sid Meier′s Civil War Year: 1997 Platform: Windows Released in: Germany Genre: Strategy Theme: Historical Battle (specific/exact), Real-Time Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc. Developer: Firaxis Games East, Inc. Perspective: Bird′s-eye view