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Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024

Spider-Man 3 marks the fourth game from developer Treyarch to feature Marvel’s popular web-slinging superhero. So with Spider-Man 3 being the first game in the series to hit the current generation of consoles, you might expect something of a leap forward for the franchise–something to really wow Spider-Man fans and take the series in a new and exciting direction. No such luck, it seems. Spider-Man 3 is a lot like the last couple of Spider-Man games. Sure, it throws in a few new wrinkles to the combat system and adds some crazy God of War-esque contextual actions into the mix, but the core game is functionally the same as previous Spider-Man games, and the changes are a mixture of positive and problematic. Spider-Man 3 isn’t altogether bad, but it has enough issues to prevent it from being wholly recommendable.

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