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Sunday, Dec 3, 2023


Whether you're competing against CPU cars or your friends, though, GRID is one of the most challenging and entertaining racing games for DS yet. [July 2008, p.88]

Racedriver: GRID on DS is a pretty sweet game that takes 10+ hours to complete, so there's a lot to do. Track editor is really great, and it uses DS's touch screen well. Altough graphics aren't that great, some cities look really impressive.

A console game virtually crammed onto a DS cartridge! Excellent grpahics and environments, as well as plenty of different types of challenges to put you through your paces. Astounding technical design makes this game feel unlike any other DS racing title. The only weakness is the reliance on a digital D-pad, thus making subtle steering impossible.

Its horrible. Literally. I won't give a bad game good credit just because 'it pushing console to limits' or whatever. The car behavior is so dumb i cant even imagine, seriously, Road Rash on Genesis was 100 times more 'natural' than this crap.There was nothing wrong with it last time, and this is the same except with a more polished track editor. Top stuff for real driving fans. [July 2008, p.69]Grid on the DS looks like it could be a great game, but thanks to issues such as heinous graphical glitches, low draw-distance, an incredibly low difficulty, and the fact that nobody's ever online turns Grid into an exercise in boredom and frustration.

Whether you’re competing against CPU cars or your friends, though, GRID is one of the most challe