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Friday, Dec 8, 2023


My very first PC game ever was the original 16 color version of this game. DOS only, it ran on I think it was 5 5.25 inch floppy′s. I was 10 years old *nostalgic sigh* I fondly remember my first character, a fighter. I didnt know how to end the game at that time, so I did everything but the end game... 200 days in game time later, all stats and skills at maximum and a pile of silver in my wallet large enough to break an elephant in twain. Seriously I could have bought my own castle with the thousands of silver I had. lol anways this game is a little dated... but it isnt about the graphics or the interface, itas about playing it and laughing at all the silly stuff. Love this game, so much, 18 years alter ♥

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Love this game. I remember beating it on the old version (remember the typed commands) before they redid it with newer graphics. I remember working in the stables and practicing fighting. This game is probably in my top ten favorites of all time. Quest for Glory I, Ultima Underworld, Might & Magic VI, Castle of the Winds are just a few. All awesome games.

Ahh.. childhood memories. As Sean says, it′s not about the gfx.. pure nostalgia! Remember late saturdays, me and a couple of friends bunched up in front of the pc, playing this awesome adventure.. We had so good fantasy back then, no need for the artsy fartsy 3d gfx. I had a great time playing the games in the quest for glory series, it was kind of magical, i really got sucked into the story back then. Gonna enjoy this again and again, at the age of 30 now ;)..

I′ve beat this charming game so many times and I love it just as much every single time I do. I prefer the dark style of the 4th part but it always bugged for me and, in my 5+ attempts, have never managed to make it to the end because of lock ups in that labyrinth part :(
I think I′ll DL it right now and try again ;p

  • Release name: QFG1, 영웅의 길 I: 당신도 영웅이 되고 싶은가
  • Year: 1992
  • Platform: DOS
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)
  • Theme: Fantasy, Real-Time
  • Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
  • Developer: Sierra On-Line, Inc.

10 thoughts on “Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero – Download”

  1. Hi- Love this game so much. Maybe I am missing this but how do you restore a saved game point? Every time I close my browser I have to restart because the game I saved is not in the list to resume game. Thanks!!

  2. Probably my favourite game of all time. Spent so much of my childhood on it. Getting stuck back then meant getting stuck! No walkthroughs, no help. Always remember the day I figured out a tough part….had been stuck there for months!

  3. loved the quest for glory series! so many hours put into shadows of darkness. all the games were great, yet they dissapeared into memorys of a simpler time. i will never be tired of this series. great games

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