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Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024


So I couldn′t figure out how to get this to run at first, but I poked around a bit and finally clicked not on the folder thing, but the Oregon Trail II file. Go to Win16 or Win32 ( I don′t actually know the difference, except maybe the graphics?? )) and double click on Setup.16 or Setup.32

It should install the game, although I have noticed in my first attempt to play the game that it′s a bit buggy, particularly when you go to the screen to check your supplies. It won′t toggle back to the travel screen very easily.

Hope this helps someone!

For people needing to know how to get it to run on Windows 10 and in full screen mode, here goes:
1) download from here Oregon trail
2)Download DosBox, just Google it, it′s free and safe and takes up hardly no space
3) left click on the (.exe) of Oregon trail, drag and drop it onto your dosbox shortcut on your desktop, game loads
4) scroll mouse onto the small dosbox window
5) press Ctrl+F10 which locks the mouse on the window
6) press Alt+Enter, Bingo full screen

Pointers: before loading game check compatibility mode of both dos box and Oregon trail by right clicking on each shortcut or .exe, go to properties, go to compatibility mode, check "run this program in compatibility mode for" choose windows 8 in the drop down menu (because windows 10 isn′t an option) and check run in 640 x 480 screen resolution. Viola! If you don′t do this is will still go full screen but the picture may still be small, so do that first to make it take up the whole screen in big size!
Running Windows 10 (32 bit) works for me, hope this helps!

In order for this to work; your best bet is to do a dual bootable OS setup with windows 98 as your secondary OS or use a virtual machine program. There are ways to get this to work on Windows 10; however, from personal experience with emulators, work arounds in other games; the games don′t always play/work as intended. For example: I′ve emulated some old RPG games where no matter what you did; your MC would start off with 1HP; other games would have a stutter; AI would act weird; even encountered one where the turn based game gave the enemy ai 5 turns in a row... So best option is to install the original OS as a 2nd OS or virtual machine.

I got to say, looking at all the screenshots, I′m actually quite saddened. Mecc/The Learning Company simply rehashed the game ever since 2? Oregon Trail 5 was the one I had while in the 3rd-5th grade during lunch break, and this is literally the EXACT SAME GAME. I honestly see NOTHING different here. Did they seriously just simply rebrand it after 2 with 3,4 & 5? I love Oregon Trail Deluxe, always have, same with the rehash of deluxe, 1.2, and of course thoroughly enjoy OT5. But this rehashing honestly is sad & kind aggravating.

Well, thank you for that wonderful explanation, Sal. Unfortunately, I didn′t understand a word of it. Oh, Wait! I got the part that said "Windows 10".
Would love to play the game, but alas, I am not a techie. Guess I′ll just have to live with my memories of all those times I died.....

  • Year: 1995
  • Platform: Windows
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Educational, Simulation
  • Theme: Ecology / Nature, Geography, History, Hunting, Managerial, Real-Time, Sailing / Boating, Western
  • Publisher: SoftKey Multimedia Inc.
  • Developer: MECC
  • Perspectives: 1st-Person, Top-Down, Fixed / Flip-screen

34 thoughts on “Oregon Trail II – Download”

  1. Don′t have the disc? No problem: get a program like daemontools that can mount .ISO files to a virtual CD drive, follow the tutorial vid instructions, but in the .ini file copy and paste the path for the virtual drive instead.

  2. Hey y′all, I actually liked Despicable Me. I liked those little yellow dudes, they were a′ight. And my man Gru was tight, trying to raise a family and all. I don′t really remember anything that happened, but it was bitchin.

  3. Has anyone made a version that works on a smartphone? I have the original disc but for some reason my computer doesn′t recognize it. Could it be that the disc is too old?

  4. WOW it worked on my Lenovo Windows 10! (see link to great directions for windows youtube video on this page) – I posted this on 3/26/2018 fyi. So happy it worked!!

  5. This sucks it says file is corrupted I′ve tried re-downloading it a few times. Sort of depressing. Maybe someday someone will come out with one that works

  6. I′ve heard of Oregon Trail countless times, but can′t remember playing it. Seems I either started school a little too late for that or said school didn′t have the game.

  7. Even I can not play The Oregon Trail II in full screen. Help?
    The Oregon Trail II is a game for Windows not for DOS and it does not work with DosBox.

  8. Can someone help me? I′ve tried setup and both OTII32 and OTII16 but it says it can′t find the .dat file. I′ve also tried the thing in the video but it still won′t work.

  9. You know , it would be nice if you people who made this game , could make it compatible with windows 10 , the 90s went out a long time ago you know would be nice if you rolled with the modern drivers .

  10. Is this really a 4 hour download?? I have been searching for this game for a long time,…I′m going to be very disappointed if it doesn′t work!

  11. KZY the ISO file either needs to be mounted with Daemon Tools, Burnt to a Disc, or you could simply open it using Winrar. (With Winrar, just right click the ISO file and open or extract with Winrar) hope this helps 🙂

  12. I′m having trouble with the download. the only file that exists after I extract the zip is a .iso. Anybody know how to solve this? I′m using d-fend reloaded

  13. I remember I played this is second grade whenever I finished my work and had free time. The "Bad thing happened" noise used to terrify me, and watching a video of it, it still makes me cringe. Replaying it is going to be fun…

  14. I like this version better than the first. For one thing, it is more realistic (In the first one, I got robbed almost every night. Once the thief took 6 oxen! How is that even possible?) and it has better graphics, and you can walk around and the controls are better. Plus, it′s historically accurate (duh).

  15. I can′t wait to play it, I am downloading it now. My brother remembers playing it but I don′t remember it at all. I still think it will be awesome though, I am going to go see if it is done downloading now!

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