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Friday, Apr 12, 2024


Operation Flashpoint: Red River tells me that I'm a slick sonofabitch, commanding three other slick sonofabitch marines. It tells me loudly, repeatedly, and gratingly via the mouth of staff sergeant Shouty McRacist that I'm a Spartan and a devil dog, and all those other ultramacho things that make me feel terribly uncomfortable because I haven't seen combat.

My squad and I, we're told we're the best. We were the best at killing nebulous insurgents upset with America on first insertion in the dusty Central Asian country of Tajikistan, when the Chinese army arrived, the gruff man narrating the story told us we were the best at killing them too. But if we're the best the last bulwark against virulent, encroaching communism then it'd be a good idea to start practising your Mandarin. Because we're fucking terrible.

Red River's squad AI is infuriating. Playing as a blank faced squad leader, you have access to a radial menu that lets you deliver a set of commands.

Developer: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Release Date: N/A

Genre: Action, Shooter


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