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Saturday, Jan 28, 2023


Lacking base-building, deep resource control, and combat micromanagement, Nemesis of the Roman Empire seems to be rather sparsely featured. Even considering the unique supply line modeling, other RTS games have a great deal more to offer.

The graphics are horrible. However, this game offers some civilizations, such as the Iberians, that no other game features. The core to this game is how good the AI commanders are. Worth buying, but not worth getting to excited about.There is plenty to enjoy in this game, especially if multi-tasking on a visual level doesn't intimidate. A nice strategic offering.While the audio and visual elements are admittedly showing their age, the core game engine is solid and the computer AI is untouched by anything else in the current crop of competitors.

Developer: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Release Date: N/A

Genre: RTS, Strategy