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Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023


Tyler Wilde provides commentary followed by the full, original text of our Max Payne review from the October 2001 issue of PC Gamer US.

I played Max Payne again recently, and it's still great. It also looks really, really goofy: it's a lot funnier now than it was then to see Sam Lake's grimace plastered onto Max's head as he shoot dodges face first into goons. Max isn't quite 'cutting-edge' anymore, I'm afraid, and looking at the graphic novel bits again reminds me that a lot of the panels look like photographs slathered with Photoshop filters.

But Max Payne is still great. It might not 'have bystanders gawking over your shoulder in amazement,' but I think this review holds up otherwise. If you've never played it, though, I'd suggest waiting for a Steam sale to bring it down from $10/6I have to admit that my recommendation is at least partially rooted in nostalgia for one of my favorite series.

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Release Date: 25 Jul, 2001

Genre: Action, Shooter, Adventure, Horror

System Requirements


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP (only)
  • Processor: 450MHz AMD / Intel Processor
  • Memory: 96 MB RAM (128 MB RAM or greater recommended)
  • Graphics: 16MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 8.0
  • Hard Drive: 830 MB Hard Drive Space for full install, 530 MB for minimum install
  • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible sound card

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