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Sunday, Dec 3, 2023


I got this working nicely in DOSbox.

It basically went down like this.

1. I mounted the iso directory of zoombinis in DOSbox, it gave me an error saying I needed Windows installed.

2. I then found a Windows 3.1 set of floppy disk images, I extracted them all into a single folder, mounted that folder in DOSbox in its own C directory and then successfully installed Windows3.1 within DOSbox.

3. I then remounted the Zoombinis iso image to the D directory, then I started up Windows3.1 and used the file explorer to run the Zoombinis installer. It installed itself and the quicktime runtimes.

4. After running the shortcut created within windows, another error, this time about a lack of sound drivers, after fixing that it will complain about SVGA drivers. I found this wonderful guide which addresses both of these issues.

After that you can play flawlessly with no weird compatibility issues.

Easiest way to play this game is in a Windows 98 Virtual Machine. Here′s how I did it, works flawlessly;

1. Install VMWare Player (free)
2. load this pre-made win98 Virtual Machine
3. Once running win98, on VMWare toolbar click Player Removable Devices CD/DVD settings
4. under connection in cd/dvd settings, tick ′use ISO image file:′ and select zoombinis image, click ok.
5. Go to Player Removable Devices CD/DVD and click connect
6. install zoombinis
7. Right click desktop properties settings tab and set color to 256 colors

I tried so hard for hours to get this game to work. I followed your instructions to a t. when the first method failed i tried the second. everything was working until the part where i had to run the game installation. i cant get the quicktime to install form the zoombinis installer nor does downloading it separately work. no matter what i do it always says i need quicktime 2.1
All i wanted was to play this stupid game and instead i′ve merely wasted hours of my life i could have used to do something productive with my life. I hope for very unpleasant things to happen to whoever wrote this page and it′s horrible time stealing lies!!!

I followed ENT′s instructions below. However, the link was broken for 2.
I found this one instead:
Yeah! :)

Commenting to say that I was able to run the game perfectly using VMWare in Windows 7 by following the instructions posted by user "ENT" lower down. I copied the instructions down; if anyone can′t find the comment or it gets deleted, email me at jtbswartz ((AT)) yahoo ((dot)) com and I will send the instructions to you.

Cheers ENT, I′m playing Zoombinis again. HIP HIP ZOOMBINI!

Your link to the Windows XP only leads to links for Windows 10. All Microsoft links now only force you into doing Windows 10 now.

Windows 10 SUCKS at any backwards compatibility and spits out CD-Roms unless it′s the latest AAA game.

Windows 10 wants it so you do online gaming only where you can′t do anything offline in your own private sphere. If Microsoft could they would partner with Google and make you always online with no choice.

For the life of me I cannot get it to work on Windows 10. Tried everything I could but to no avail... Apparently The Learning Company version works just fine, but this older release by Broderbund does not. I wish I still had my copy of this game, damnit. I wanted to screw around and have a nostalgia trip with my friends at ungodly hours of the night but I guess I′ll have to nab a copy on amazon or something instead...

  • Release name: הזומבינים המדליקים, Zoombinis Math Journey, Zoombinis: Logical Journey, L′Odyssée des Zoombinis à la découverte de la logique, El Alucinante Viaje de los Zoombinis
  • Year: 1996
  • Platform: Windows
  • Genre: Educational, Strategy
  • Theme: Math / Logic
  • Publisher: Brøderbund Software, Inc.
  • Developer: The Learning Company, Inc.

34 thoughts on “Logical Journey of the Zoombinis – Download”

  1. Can anyone help me figure out a way to run Zoombinis on a Chromebook, using a chrome browser? I′m desperate for my students to play this wonderful game, but all we have at school are Chromebooks. Please help!!!!! Thank you.

  2. I′ve loved this game since I was five, I got it with my first computer in 1998. It made me love math! I don′t know any math games that have been as fun as this one.

    I thought I′d never find it again, but here it is!

  3. I,m 60yrs old, played it on PC years ago loved it why it,t good for mind. Ha why don′t,t ya have it on tablet they got everything else wanted my 8 yr old granddaughter to play I want to again too

  4. im having trouble getting it to run on my comp. i have windows 10 and im not super knowledgeable when it comes to this kind of setup. is there a simpler way i coud be doing this? please help.

  5. I would be keen to go so far as to say that this is the best children′s puzzle game ever made. I still play this game now. It does reach a difficulty point that is tricky, even for adults.

    Amazing game.

  6. Love this game, I got it working on windows 3.1 in dosbox but it always seems to crash on me after I loaded the game. I have tried burning it to cd or even mounting img file still not working not sure why. Anyone have any suggestions?

  7. I am trying to play this game on my computer with the old disc I have but when I put the disc into my computer, a thing pops up and I click on it and then it asks if I want to install it and I click yes but then it never installs and I don′t know what else to do!

  8. used to love this game! could never understand the patterns of some of the levels though. Would Recommend for anyone wanting a semi-challenging game with about an hour of game play.

  9. I played this game on my friends IPad and Loved it!
    The puzzles are so clever! I am trying to Download it on my Computer, but am having a hard time…Any tips?

  10. I loved this game when I was younger, I couldn′t wait to play it again when I saw this, I think I′ll be much better at it too. Oh God… I just remembered the pizza level, that was SUPER hard to figure out. Trial and error, mostly error.

  11. Thank you so much!! I made a lot of mistakes and couldn′t figure some stuff out so it took forever to install but I finally got it and it works great 🙂 Btw I have windows 8.1 and I used the virtualbox + windows xp method

  12. I got it running natively in Windows 7 64 bit.. It won′t install.. The installer will not work in a 64 bit os, so I installed it in a virtual os windows 2000 then copied it to the real Windows 7 64.. Used Daemontools to mount the iso as drive Z and modified the path in the zoombini cfg file to point towards drive Z:.. Then you just run the Zoombini executable file.. The whole game is 95 meg.

  13. Me and my sister use to play this when we were little we loved it but when we got older we could never remember the name. We have been searching for ever

  14. I have managed to get this running on a Windows XP 32-bit virtual machine run through VirtualBox on Windows 8.1. I had no success with windows 3.1 through DOSBox.

  15. Game is installed on Windows 95 on Virtual Box, but video card settings are apparently screwy: apparently, not SVGA 256 color, or the wrong resolution. The Struggle.

  16. It′s really that dificult to play this game on modern OS? I′m pretty sure I played it at my Windows XP, but I have the orginal PT-BR version.

  17. So I′ve managed to get the game installed on a VirtualBox running Win95, but it says there′s no sound devices, and now that I′ve installed the sound card it keeps crashing??? And the game won′t run without sound. I′m SO close to playing it.

  18. Game was wrongly labeled as DOS, it′s a Win 3.x and Win 95 game. You′ll have to install Windows in DOSBox or VirtualBox, check the how to page.

  19. I just tried downloading this file twice. The first time Boxer could not open it because there were no DOS files. The second time, it unzipped and had the MAC version instead. Please help!

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