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Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

Cliffski is back with a sleek, sexy update to Positech’s life sim game Kudos. For those of you who don’t already own Kudos, it is a turn-based sim which, although beautifully illustrated, is basically text, unlike The Sims where your avatar moves around and interacts with objects and other players.

The basic premise is still the same you start as a bouncy, enthusiastic 20 year old waiting tables in a cruddy restaurant for minimum wage and tips. You have four friends with varying characteristics, and the choice of one activity a day (two at weekends). You can try to get a promotion at the restaurant, study medicine, law, performing arts, or just beef up your meditation chops. You also need to maintain yourself keep fit, bathe, go to the dentist and so on, all whilst maintaining your social life… which can get expensive.

The play screen allows you to select the way you get to work, and one activity to do in the evening.

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