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Saturday, Sep 30, 2023


I played Heretic but not sure I played Heretic 2. Using win7 pro 64 bit, Intel i7. I only installed the non enhanced version, but ran the 3DFX driver from it and got it to work quite well. The only problem is running a saved game after you quit the game. It will run the saved game if I stay in the game.

However, if you have the "Entering" a level that it saves, will run, after I do that I then run my old saved game. I cannot get the enhanced version to run at all, it exits right away.

For just patches for Heretic II you need both of these below. One is the Enhancement packv1.06 which can be found on "FilePlanet for Heretic II game. The other patch was more of an Windows XP-Windows 10 "quake2.dll" fix for playing on other Windows versions other than Windows 95, which is what everyone used when the game first came out. (The orginal fix for Heretic II) or the "H2 1440x900" fix for Heretic II under Windows XP (service pack2) settings for compability mode.

There are still "Heretic II" forums on "Facebook" that have been around for ages where you can post your questions.

Works great on Win10 64 bit!

Here′s some detailed instructions if you′re having trouble.

1. Download the main file and fix file to the desktop. Get the manual file too (good lore in there).

2. These are zip files. They might just unzip when you click on them. If they don′t get a unzip program like WINRar. Unzip them to the desktop.

3. In the main file, drill down and you′ll see two files, a large mdf file and a small mds file. You need to mount the small mds file. I use Daemon Tools Lite. It′s a matter of opening Daemon Tools Lite, and I choose ′Quick Mount′, point to the small mds file and click Open. That file is now mounted as a drive in My Computer.

4. Open My Computer and you′ll see the Heretic II as a drive. Right Click = Open.

5. Go into the ′setup′ folder and you′ll see the SETUP (application file). Click on that and the game will install.

6. After installation and before you play the game, install the fix. This comes from the other zip file. It′s a single file called quake2.dll. Extract the file and place it in the directory in which you installed the game on your C drive (or wherever). If you chose the default it will probably be
C:Program Files (x86)Heretic II
Windows will ask you if you wish to replace the existing file of the same name Yes

Game runs perfectly.

windows 10 does not have ME 98 Compatibility mode those are 16 bit systems not even xp compat mode which is 32 bit geez people most of these old games wIll not touch windows 10 period. run a xp computer and use compat mode for 98 but do not expect windows 10 to help you and if you have 64 bit forget it you are SOL doesnt even look like Heretic at all. Not to mention its third person and not first person. Why did they butcher the sequels to these? Even Hexen 2 was terribly made. Hexen 2 just looked like a Quake mod, it had the exact same gfx as Quake. So bad....I wouldn′t be caught dead playing this disgrace.

Works perfectly on Windows 8.1 64bit.

You just need to keep in mind that you also need to apply the fix for Windows to play. You can download the fix with the instalation files.

After installing Heretic 2 unpack the folder containing the fix for playing on Windows inside the instalation directory of Heretic 2. When it asks if you want to replace the current files with the new ones press yes and you are good to go.

Heretic 2 is an awesome game. Have fun.

  • Year: 1998
  • Platform: Windows
  • Released in: France
  • Genre: Action
  • Theme: Fantasy, Shooter
  • Publisher: ATVI France SARL
  • Developer: Raven Software Corporation
  • Perspective: Behind view

12 thoughts on “Heretic II – Download”

  1. Some may hate the fact that this is 3d when its predecessor was an fps, but I have unbelievably fond memories of running around in godmode and obliterating all kinds of monsters. Would recommend.

  2. played a demo of this few years back ran ok on 7.
    very odd not much of a sequel more an arbitrary evolutionary spin off.
    the hexen sequel was not very good either but at least was more inline.
    all pretty lame heretic was a good fps classic deserves a better lineage.

  3. Game works on windows 10. Just make sure to use the fix and run this in compatibillity mode with windows 98/me also make sure to run this with administration rights.

  4. There is no installer or an .exe file in this huge download, it has just 2 files in a zip folder. These files are .mdf extension and it does not run at all.

  5. hi , The fix basically has a quake dll file . I have nowhere to ′replace′ any file. and it says it is not compatible with 64 . what to do..?

  6. Hi, i′m on Seven 64 and it′s works perfectly. Don′t just run the automatic installer.
    Go in Heretic II Setup Setup.exe
    And the installation will works.

  7. Thanks working on W 7 64

    If it Crashes on you watch the intro do Not Skip it

    ps you might want to change your screen settings on your windows

  8. its work? See older comments (12)

    Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you′d like. If you have trouble to run Heretic II (Windows) first! Your nickname: Your comment: Version: Any Windows Mac Send comment

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