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Thursday, Sep 29, 2022


I got this game really cheap in a steam sale, so right away, my expectations weren't super-high. Mostly I chose it because I've played so many games that now I'm just looking for unique and original experiences and boy did I get THAT with Ghost Master!

Developer: Sick Puppies

Publisher: Strategy First

Release Date: 23 Aug, 2003

Genre: Strategy, Puzzle, Simulation, Horror


    Pentium® III 450. Windows® 98,ME,XP,2000. NVIDIA® TNT2 3D card. 128MB of RAM. 750MB of free hard disc space. DirectX® 8.1. Mouse, keyboard.


    Pentium® IV 1.5GHz. ATI® Radeon™7500/NVIDIA®GeForce2 3D card. 256MB of RAM.