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Friday, Dec 8, 2023

This must be what a tempestuous marriage feels like. Kurt and Courtney. Burton and Taylor. Clough and Taylor. (Not the same Taylor, obviously, although that would be some sequel to The Damned United). I love it, then I hate it, I hate it, then I love it. For every thing in Football Manager 2012 that delights me, you can bet there’s another thing that has me spitting feathers, vowing never to play it again. Twas ever thus.

Let’s start out with something to love: that database. You name them, they’re here and it’s not just comprehensive, it has such authority too. Take wing whippet Theo Walcott. Played out wide for my youthful England side, he frequently got past his full back but struggled to supply useful balls true to life, say my Gooner mates. Play him as a poacher up front, though, and that quicksilver pace sees him in one-on-ones with the goalie, bagging a goal or two every game.

Now something I hate: the player interactions.

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