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Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024

Ostensibly FIFA and PES are trying to simulate the same sport. In reality they both approach football in a radically different wayits the difference between watching Brazil and Germany. Theyre both good, but theyre playing a fundamentally different game.

FIFAs long passes are far riskier and its players move slower, resulting in far more emphasis on rapid short passes. When this works, its fantastic. You can get into a mindset where youre pinging Xavi-esque passes around without even looking because your mind is two or three moves ahead. Yet I still missed the ability to accurately launch the ball across the field, and when youre not quite in the zone it can feel like youre just moving the ball in circles waiting for a chance to present itself. When I first started playing the AI had a tendency to run up the score with long range shots on higher difficulties, but thankfully a recent patch seems to have toned this down.

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