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Friday, Apr 12, 2024

Im 39-laps into a full-length race at Spa. I’m playing on official race day, mirroring the real-life Belgian Grand Prix like a real-life maniac, and Ive somehow managed to avoid any strategy-complicating rain. My tyres are fast going out of date, degrading with every turn, but I cant pit for new boots because Im doing my best to catch Vettelteammate and career rivalwhos sat 7-seconds up the road. I cut the gap by tenths with every passing sector, but a hasty mistake into Bruxelles on the penultimate lap sends me way wide, ruining my chances of catching him again. The chequered flag is waved. I settle for a hard-fought fourth.

When played like this F1 2016 is a great sim, where every position, both in qualifying and in races, feels truly earned. Last years feature-slim F1 2015 was a misstep that left many wondering if Codies had lost its way, but 12-months later and what a turnaround this is.

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