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Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024


The sequel to the most legendary shooter of all time keeps all the guts and gore of the original while also adding much more in terms of level design. Now on Earth, you′ll find yourself fighting through hellspawn from the deepest depths of sewers to the highest of towering cities. Only now it seems hell has some new toys to play with, but little do they know, so do you!

Too much?
Okay. Well... Doom II: Hell on Earth the direct continuation that picks up right where Doom left off. It your character (Doomguy) as he accepts the ungodly fact that hell′s monsters have made it here before he could stop it. Six new monsters and one new weapon which became the most popular in the series next to the BFG9000. But what really sets Doom and Doom 2 apart from one another is the level design and story bits (the message screens).

Instead of the narrow halls of Phobos, Deimos and Hell, you now face of against hoards of the hellspawn in the cities, towns, suburbs, and facilities of Earth. So the design goes from being small and confining to large and foreboding. One might think this is counterproductive, but it actually works in the games favor. Instead of being in narrow halls where you can pretty easily guess when a monster will pop up, you′re wondering through alleys and flooded halls where monsters can often be waiting to ambush you.

way back in the day we had a friend who owned one of the early PENTIUM computers and most of us had 386 or 486 pc and some of us NO pc at all.
so all the guys would go to his place after school and take turns playing
DOOM2, to be honest I had no interest in this game at first, I just went to
his place to admire his sister′s LOVELY backside, man she had a nice butt,
she had nice legs too..she would make some type of juice for us using fruits.
her bum would haunt my dreams many years after.
hey if you can′t get this game to work with dosbock then
just download ZANDRONUM and place ur doom.wad/doom2.wad
in the folder and you can play in windows with no problem.
I hope this was helpful....peaceOUT~

Hah... I still remember the codes
God mode: IDDQD
Give all: IDKFA
Skip to level ##: IDCLEV##
No clipping (walk through walls): IDCLIP
there were a few other "IDBEHOLD" codes... I think "I" was invincibility

dit was het eerste spel dat ik speelde op mijn Pentium 120. eerlijk gezegd vond ik het toen niet zo leuk omdat mijn videokaart geen 3d ondersteunde. ik heb een vraag: wie kan het spel nog mmeer niet installeren op de c schijf onder dosbox? toen ik het downloade zaten er geen bestanden onder de titel. Wie weet raad?

groeten andre

You can run this on the DosBox emulator just by downloading DosBox and the Dos version of Doom. All you need to do is extract the downloaded zip folder containing Doom into a folder where you will store your games. Next all you need to do is open the folder, set the default program that runs the main executable file to DosBox, insert a shortcut of it to your desktop and then clicking the shortcut. Hope this helps!

For those having trouble with the music and sound, go to your Doom II folder and run setup.exe then select Sound Blaster (just Sound Blaster not Sound Blaster AWE32) as both your Music Sound Card and Sound FX Card.

Use the default numbers (just keep pressing the Enter key) and then select "Save parameters and launch Doom II".

Have fun!

if you want to mod games then just do a google
search,i am sure something will come up, not sure if
you can actually create an enemy npc by scratch but I do
know doom/doom2 is one of the most moddable games out
there and there is a huge community out there if you go looking.

thanks longdadleg2k, I just downloaded zanderam
program and if you don′t have doom you have option
to download freedoom what it is is a game that use the
doom game engine bit it not doom.
but I not am knowing how I can change my pc
graphics from softwere mode to opengl 3d-card mode?
I try to change in game and then exit program and restart
but it still in softwere mode??? please someone to help me?
sorry for bad English.

  • Release name: 毁灭战士2, ドゥームII, DOOM II: Hell on Earth
  • Year: 1994
  • Platform: DOS
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Action
  • Theme: FPS, Horror, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
  • Publisher: GT Interactive Software Corp.
  • Developer: id Software, Inc.
  • Perspective: 1st-Person
  • Dosbox support – Fully supported on current version

23 thoughts on “DOOM II – Download”

  1. To GILI

    There is a secret exit on level 15… from there, you will go to level 31.
    On this level, another secret exit goes to level 32.

  2. I just ended Doom 2 (1994) played it online , and Level 30 was the final level , afterwards they congratulated me and showed all 15 monsters that played on the game . why this 31 level was never showed to me ? (the 30 level was the final one when i played).

  3. found my moms old power mac g4 from 1999 so i decided to hook it up and run doom 2 on it out of boredom. went on this site and got doom 2 to run on my mac. just get some old computer from your garage and play it on that if you have dosbox problems.

  4. Fui um jogador inveterado do Doom 1 e 2. Mais infelizmente na minha época eram em disquetes e eles acabam. Fico contente com esta forma de poder baixar o game. Obrigado

  5. if you want to mod games then just do a google
    search,i am sure something will come up, not sure if
    you can actually create an enemy npc by scratch but I do
    know doom/doom2 is one of the most moddable games out
    there and there is a huge community out there if you go looking.

  6. forget dosbox…forget dfend…..forget any type of silly Dos emulation
    and go to and download that program.
    now copy your doom WADS into that folder, = PROBLEM SOLVED, no
    more hassles trying to play doom, doom2 or any of the thousands of mods.

  7. doom 2 is a pretty good game, brutal doom mod takes it to a whole new level and YES please do yourself a favor and get zandronum(it′s free) or some program similar. have a superhappyfuntime day.

  8. anyone know how I can play custom WADs? tried zdoom and gzdoom, no luck. can′t get doom 95 to launch at all due to errors, so that′s no help. any ideas?

  9. Anyone have any idea what I′m doing wrong? I can′t get the game to run in DFend. I added the deice file and named the profile DOOM2, ran it and did the "c" and "y" thing, which created the DOOM2LZH file, which I then added and ran in DFend. Now how do I play the game? When I click on the DOOM2 profile, it just takes me back to the "c" and "y" thing and the game never loads. How do I get the game to run from here?

  10. Ok, if you want to run in DOSBox, there are several steps you have to make.

    1. After downloading, run the "deice" file and press "c" then "enter", then "y". That creates a new folder in your directory (It was "Doom2" for me) with a DOOM2LZH file. (I copy and pasted it back into the main directory)

    2. Run the DOOM2LZH file is DOSBox and it will install the rest of the files.

    3. You can run the game, but I had no sound. I ran the "SETUP" file in DOSBox and set:
    a)"Select Music Card = General Midi = 330" Enter
    b)"Select Sound FX Card = PC Speaker" Enter

    4. Run DOOM2 in DOSBox and you should have sound. Enjoy!

  11. its a classic but do anybody play it after theyve beat th game alreayds ,really? what about d3? i guess you all can go flood up all of the dead d3 comminitys thouh and resurrect the game,eh?do it work?nope!!

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