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Friday, Sep 29, 2023


This game is funny, but at the same time it just feels unfinished. Not only in the poor ui and lack of tools when drawing. At multiple points it seems like the dialogue hints at things that you could learn about, but there is no way to do so. There's only 2.5 endings (technically three but one is just a slight variation on the other), and I found all of them in an hour of play time. I suppose that is about as long as the game dev said it would take to complete the game, but still, the point is that this game could actually be really cool with some more work. At a few more endings and make the game last a little longer, and please at least add different brush sizes to the drawing segments. For anyone who hasn't played it, in it's current state you're better off finding a let's play of it, and honestly, you probably already say the Grumps play it if you're here..

Developer: Nicholas Lives

Publisher: Nicholas Lives

Release Date: 19 Apr, 2018

Genre: Simulation, Casual, Visual Novel


  • OS: Windows Vista or Later
  • Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 or better
  • Storage: 200 MB available space