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Thursday, Feb 2, 2023


I've played every single Delicious game from the very first so bear that in mind with my review. I like the game. It's fun, it does all of the current Delicious things (upgrade products, level special goals, cheesy but sweet storyline). My first impression was negative just in the dramatic change in character design. It is pretty obvious that the team behind Fabulous Angela made this game because all of the characters I've grown to know and love over the last decade look like completely different people and all make that same silly OOPS face that started with Angela. I mean every character makes it, it almost every scene. It's overkill. But that's really nitpicking. Beyond some bizarre story aspects it really is a fun Delicious game and the music is great. I'm actually really disappointed the sountrack isn't available because this is one I would buy in a heartbeat. They're definitely upping their game in graphic and sound quality. That said the game is still really buggy. I mean really buggy. It is playable but it crashes constantly. Sometimes just randomly which is frustrating but always when I try to alt/tab out of the game for a sec. If you minimize the game it crashes no matter what. Playing in windowed mode does fix this, but it just makes the screen too small for me. My only last complaint is that you cannot get 100% achievements on St3@m because it doens't recognize St3@m friends as playing. I like to get my 100%s and this irks me a little. Overall if you're a fan of the series and it's counterparts you'll enjoy this game, but be preparred for a bit of annoyance.

Developer: GameHouse

Publisher: GameHouse

Release Date: 2 Aug, 2017

Genre: Adventure, Casual


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1.6 GHZ
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 Mb Card