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Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023

After years of pricey map packs, Call of Duty fans can look forward to some more varied DLC next year. Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has been talking about plans for new Spec Ops missions and ‘a variety of things that players have never seen before.’ Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven will all be working on producing regular updates throughout 2012.

‘The way we’re doing downloadable content this year is unlike we’ve never done before,’ he said, speaking in a Call of Duty Elite video spotted by CVG . ‘Not only in how you can get it – in content drops or choose for the collection – but also the type of content you’re getting.’

This year we’ve become used to Call of Duty map packs arriving on Xbox a month before the PC version, a trend that may continue for Modern Warfare 3. Bowling says that the first DLC will be arriving on Xbox Live on January 24. No mention of a PC release date yet.

There’s another issue.

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