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Friday, Dec 8, 2023

Jill’s back in a sequel to one of the most popular casual games of last year, Cake Mania, by Sandlot Games. In Cake Mania 2 you reprise the role of the baker extraordinaire with the task of helping one of two friends: Jack, who is looking for a bakery in his underwater theme park, or Risha and her bakery in the big city. Serve cranky customers piping hot cakes as quickly as you can to rake in the cash and expand your business!

Cake Mania 2 plays out like most resource management games where you must prioritize tasks and work as quickly as you can to make it through each stage. Customers walk in your bakery and your first job is to hand them a menu. When they make their selection the cake appears in a bubble showing the cake style, icing and decorations each person requires. Once that appears, it’s time for you to hop to it. Bake the right shaped cake, ice it, decorate it and serve it to the customer as quickly as you can to maximize your income.

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