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Friday, Sep 29, 2023


This is an ongoing series by the newly-reopened ωstar, featuring a series of mini stories. Horror writer Natsuhiko visits a traditional hot springs inn in the mountains to see a room full of traditional Japanese dolls. There he meets a mysterious beautiful girl Renge. She offers him a kaleidoscope, asking him if he wants to take a glimpse into a world which he shouldn’t see. The first story is about the perverted girls’ school teacher Shigehiko who swore not to lay hands on any of his students in order to maintain his position. However, that all changed after he met a mysterious girl Kirie. He became entranced by her, even though she told him to stay away from her if he valued his life.

Developer: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Release Date: 7/27/2012

Genre: , Adult, Visual Novel, Nudity, Mature