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Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

Putting an end to the machinations of the corrupt inner circle of Egypt’s ruling class is on hold for a bit: first I gotta help this peasant boy I met thirty seconds ago, whose ox cart was stolen by bandits. Priorities firmly in order, I circle the bandit camp on horseback, dismount, creep close, take aim with my bow at the nearest bandit, and fire. Actually, I fire and then take aim: I have a skill that allows me to control my arrows in midair and in slow-motion. My arrow sinks into the bandit’s shoulder, and he spins around and spots me.

The slow-motion feature of my bow skill doesn’t just give me an advantage, it also allows me to see things I otherwise would have missed, such as what happens next. The bandit and I attack at the same time, me with my second arrow, him by throwing a fire bomb. My arrow and the bandit’s lobbed grenade pass each other in midair.

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