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Sunday, Jul 25, 2021


If you've played and enjoyed a bunch of Hexic HD, the free puzzle pack-in that comes preinstalled on the Xbox 360's hard drive, then Zuma Deluxe makes a good next step. Featuring a clean and attractive presentation and a distinct Mesoamerican motif, Zuma Deluxe shares a lot in common with the Bust-a-Move series or even a game of billiards. As a long string of multicolored balls spirals steadily toward the center of the screen, you must shoot like-colored balls into the formation to try to break it up and push it back. The stages get progressively more challenging as more-complex layouts and additional ball colors are introduced, and while the underlying gameplay really doesn't change much, it's still an engaging way to pass the time.

Developer: PopCap Games, Inc.

Publisher: PopCap Games, Inc.

Release Date: 30 Aug, 2006

Genre: Casual, Puzzle

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 128 MB RAM, 500MHz or faster, DirectX: 7.0

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