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Saturday, Dec 9, 2023


Remember when using the RIP version on Dosbox:

After running the crack, the war2.ini file will state "cdpath=.", refering to the local working directory. However, when you mounted the Warcraft 2 folder to another drive using Dosbox, you should refer to that assign drive.

For example, I have mounted the game to drive W: using the dropbox command
mount w c:gameswarcraft2

Now I shoud change the first line of the war2.ini file to ′cdpath=w:′


MAC OSX Sierra 10.12.4 Guide
Step by step
1. You will need to d/l two additional applications-
1.1 Boxer -
1.2 bChunk -

2. D/L the ISO version of WC2 (Important)

3. Unzip the file two files, Warcraft 2.bin and Warcraft 2.cue

4. Open the application Terminal on your MAC. You can find this under the ′Utilities′ tab, or Shift+Command+U.

5. Follow this guide on how to create an ISO file from the Bin/Cue files.
5.1 You should now have a file named Warcraft 2.iso01.iso, and a numerical series of files named Warcraft 2.iso02.crd, etc...

6. Go back to Boxer. Open and install it, if you already haven′t done that.
6.1 You have three options browse your games, import new games, of DOS promo. Choose import new games.

7. Drag and drop the file Warcraft 2.iso01.iso into the Boxer frame.

8. Choose INSTALLER.EXE, and press Launch Installer.

9. Choose a sound card, I tried Generic OPL-3 and it worked fine for me.

10. The Boxer screen goes to a DOS promt. Type, WAR2 to play the game.

11. Get some nachos, drinks and turn off the cell phone. It′s Warcraft 2 time....

SPARKY unless its been modded no it wont allow hotkeys this was before that was the norm. The mouse scroll speed being fast is normal has always been like that use the arrow keys its a bit more controllable. I know this is a month later but your comment was humorous too me and I can tell you never played when it came out. Its a great game one of the original good RTS games but it is very old and the UI can be tough to get used too.

Guys, I′m having an annoying problem. When I try to scroll with my mouse outside the border of the visible screen and it automatically moves me to edge where I was scrolling. It′s the same, when I use the arrows, If I am at the bottom, when I press the up key and the screen is moved to the top. I am playing on MacBook Pro, with boxer emulator. Any ideas?

Got the game to work without any problems, can′t say as much about the editor though. war2ed95.exe launches just fine under Win7 (even without any compatibility tweaks) and it works as intended, BUT only until I decide I want to load or save a map. At that point the editor instantly crashes with no error notification or anything.
Anyone got a clue how I can fix this?

hello, almost 2018 - and i found something..

plays in web browser. nothing required, click and play. free.
no saves afaik - complete it in one go, ironman style.
glhf :)

That′s real WarCraft and not the crap which is available at the moment. Before the game was about logic, strategy... now it′s more to steal customer′s money for some upgrades and minor things. I am frustrated how game industry degrade with years. I played that game long time and I had feeling that maps were too small... now I can see that I remember right, map is really very small =)

I miss the old good days when they respected the customer like they especially programmed the "three-players-on-one-cd" feature to those few players that had more than just 1 computer for the family

Now, nobody cares about such minority and, if you want to play multiplayer, you have to buy separate copy for each player...

Hi people, warcraft 2 can be well played on android when you wait somewhere, in a bus or by doctor. I created several youtube videos about playing dos games on android. See

  • Release name: WarCraft II: Blood Seas, WarCraft 2, War2
  • Year: 1996
  • Platform: DOS
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Theme: Fantasy, RTS, Real-Time, Steampunk, War
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
  • Perspectives: Top-Down, Free-roaming camera
  • Dosbox support – Fully supported on current version

34 thoughts on “Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness – Download”

  1. Does anyone know of a version that can be downloaded where hotkeys can be used? It′s very frustrating trying to play without hotkeys. Also, the screen scroll speed for my mouse is INSANELY fast. Did anyone else have that problem?

  2. J′ai acheté Warcraft I & II pour PC à l′époque. Je n′ai jamais pu finir le II (j′étais au dernier tableau) à cause d′un bug 🙁
    Je suis prêt à recommencer l′aventure depuis le début 🙂

  3. Hey. I have downloaded the ISO version, I got two files. one Warcraft 2.bin (572mb) and another Warcraft 2.
    Any idea how I can get it to start?

  4. hey i have a problem running this on android.
    The game works fine on my laptop but dosbox on android keeps crashing when i launch the game i tryed both aDosbox and Magic dosbox,

    Are there some specific settings i need to chage ?

    Kind regards,

  5. Watched my uncles play for hours, and eventually got a copy myself. I also was amazed at how the Game CD, doubled as a soundtrack where you could play it from any CD player.

  6. the ctrl+# to make/use a group does not work for me. I′m using dosbox on a winxp machine. Tried both ctrl keys and top row num keys and the number keypad. I′m not sure if it a game problem or a Dosbox issue. any ideas?

  7. The BNE edition is pretty much better, since runs in Windows xp/7/8/10 without any emulation and moreover has fixed the bugs and improved the graphics with Starcraft 1 engine (Wc2 BNE is 1999 ). After that that remains a cool game.
    I enjoyed all Human campaign XD many surprises

  8. I can′t get warcraft 2 to work. The game says it needs a cd. Ive been at it for hours, trying to mount folders and adding the -t cdrom, nothing works! please help

  9. Hello… are the cinematics included in the game? They don′t play when the game starts and choosing the "Replay introduction" option in the main menu only plays the credits…

  10. I can running the installation but there the program wont create any folder, when he is asking me to type a "creation folder"where to install the game… Even the example ′C:Warcraft′ didnt work and i alway get the error-msg: "Folder can not create". .. I′ll run the game via ISO. + dosbox and mounted C: "SETUP.EXE" – File.

    Any clues?

  11. Correction to my post below.
    When you do the imgmount use
    imgmount d c:oldgameswarcraft 2.bin -t iso

    Sorry! You′ll get an error message if you use the .cue.

  12. Hi Fox. You downloaded only the basic files with the RIP version. To get all the sounds and extras you need to download the ISO files as well. Then you mount the .cue file as an image so the game can access them. Here′s how I did it:

    I put the bin and cue files in my c:oldgames folder and all the other files in the my c:oldgameswar2 folder

    mount c c:oldgameswar2
    imgmount d c:oldgameswarcraft2.cue -t iso

    Hope this helps

  13. I have the game running, but the music doesn′t play. The music is awesome and i need it!! Does anyone know how to fix? I′m running the RIP version through dosbox on windows 10. Thanks 🙂

  14. thanks Khan, woked perfectly for me

    I still have an issue ingame though, namely the scrolling speeds, which are way too fast and setting the speeds to minimum in the menu didn′t change anything.

    Anybody else have this problem?

  15. I have tried a million times to make this work but once I get to the last step after mounting where you should enter "setup" it says its an illegal command. and when I do the download it only gives me 2 things instead of a whole list….anyone know how to solve this issue?? T.I.A.

  16. Hi, guys!
    I managed to get the good old wc2 to work. Thank you for that!
    Only thing lacking are the hotkeys. I can fasten my build by working out peons with build hotkeys but managing groups CTRL+1-9 does not work or adjusting camera locations and such. Have you people been able to get these working?
    Thank you in advance for any helpful stuff!

  17. i also tried to go to the configuration settings file called "WAR2" and change mscroll=6 to mscroll=1 but as soon as i went back in the game it changed back to mscroll=6

  18. i managed to get the game to work but a problem i have is that even at the lowest setting the mouse scroll is way to fast as soon as your mouse gets to a side of the screen it practically instantly flies to the other side of the map.

  19. Why the cinematics & narrator voice does not run? I′ve played before and it gives the awesome feeling… The game seems bleak without them… Is there any fixes for it and/or could you fix it?

  20. Nevermind. If you choose that route it`ll ask if you got the cd. Comment from khan worked perfectly. Tatsukichi`s comment is a little hard to understand.

  21. I have no idea what all these jokesters are talking about with these crazy directions. The RIP file is set up to use without any such difficulties. Your first instinct would be to run war2.exe. Don′t do that. Run war2cd.bat
    That′s literally all you need to do. It′s a batch file, they already did all the work.
    For those of you looking for fullscreen, press alt-enter

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