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Wednesday, Oct 5, 2022

Though many games today take elements from existing titles and try to put their own spin on them, this form of imitation isn’t always a bad thing. There’s something to be said for honing a concept. But the possibility that the new twist on an old formula won’t actually improve the overall product certainly exists. The Punisher, a long-running Marvel Comics franchise about a vigilante trying to save the world from being overrun by scumbags, is no stranger to this concept. Back in 1993, the character appeared in an arcade game from Capcom that basically started with Final Fight as a template, and then dropped in The Punisher, Nick Fury, and so on. It wasn’t so great. Now, THQ and Volition have delivered a new game with The Punisher name. While it attempts to put its own spin on the third-person shooter genre by adding sometimes-gruesome interrogation sequences, this game is, more or less, Max Payne without the bullet time.

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