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Game Summary:

  • Release name: The Oregon Trail: Classic Edition
  • Year: 1990
  • Platform: DOS
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Educational, Simulation
  • Theme: Geography, History, Managerial, Real-Time, Western
  • Publisher: MECC
  • Developer: MECC
  • Perspectives: Side view, Top-Down, Bird′s-eye view, Text-based / Spreadsheet, Fixed / Flip-screen
  • Dosbox support – Fully supported on 0.72
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It′s a shame. ′Pg′ is using an online platform (likely with a decent device) to ban a generation about their access to technology.
I am a millennial. I remember playing in school. That′s why I am on this page in the first place. Just kind of food for thought to those predisposed do decide others morals based on age. At least last millennials are discriminatory by a LARGE margin. But that′s numbers not opinion.
I′m glad to see this on here so I can reminisce the days when nothing could go wrong.

I remember playing this game back in 1990 while I was in the sixth grade. I used to love going to the computer lab with my class each week, just so we could play The Oregon Trail on those Old School Apple computers. Each of us were so enthralled by the game, it was the only time that an instructor didn′t have to tell us to be quiet. Kids today (Millenials) will never understand how fun and educational The Oregon Trail was for our generation. Sadly, the main reasons they use computers is to connect on Social Media (which has led to Cyber Bullying),
Hacking/Stealing personal information, and other nonsense. Only Xennials can comprehend how Awesome this game is, was and always will be! We grew up during a time when life was simple, and technology had not overstepped it′s boundaries by consuming the entire world, and turning everyone into illiterate zombies that can′t function without an Iphone in their hand.

WoW !!! I was in 6th/7th grade when this game came out been looking for a few yrs for a copy. Always loved coming upon a river and deciding how to handle it. A lot of times would forge the rivers but not always the wise way to go. Current would usually tip you over and cost you supplies. LOL Oh well....

The Oregon Trail – Download - Free Full version

  1. Download
  2. Unzip files
  3. Setup and Install
  4. Launch the game.
  5. Play!

8 Responses to The Oregon Trail – Download

  1. Honisgrave says:

    I review The Oregon Trail here:

  2. O i know says:

    Every public school in America had a copy of this back in the day, even the tiny school in rural Idaho I grew up in. Many younger people might find it boring, and wonder what we see in it. In all honesty, with the nostalgia glasses off it might not seem like much, but dagnabit yunguns it was fun!

  3. mimi says:

    Need to make one for tablets! I hate the settler game. Want the real game on tablet! So does everybody else. Everybody′s asking for it.

  4. nhan says:

    wow. i love this game and havent played in years! i recently installed mini vmac– here goes gaming:)

  5. Wolfe says:

    Why are you all using JUST DOSbox? Use the far superior LaunchBox *(Which includes DOSbox and many more emulators) that does a lot of this behind the scenes work for you? I got the newest version *(4.6 as of this typing) and it works like a dream for me.

  6. Lil Ricky says:

    Windows 7? You′ll need DOSBox to run any DOS-based games on Windows 7. That, or find an old 286/386.

  7. chikki says:

    this game relate the live the people to living in contry the oregon .
    this good for learn the history the civilizacion.

  8. i died says:

    how many died of dysentery? ^^ See older comments (24)

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