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Game Summary:

  • Release name: クレイマン・クレイマン ~ネバーフッドの謎~, 粘土世界, The Neverhood Chronicles, Klaymen Klaymen – Neverhood No Nazo
  • Year: 1996
  • Platform: Windows
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Theme: Comedy, Fantasy, Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
  • Publisher: DreamWorks Interactive L.L.C., Microsoft Corporation
  • Developer: Neverhood, Inc., The
  • Perspectives: 1st-Person, Side view, Fixed / Flip-screen
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This game is AMAZING. I played it in college, then again as a young adult, then with my ex-husband, then with our eldest boy and now with my boyfriend and my little boy. Yes... is that good. I do take years apart between playing it thou.

While it may look for children and you can certainly play it with them (and they′ll laugh their heads off), the puzzles are DEFINITELY for older people as they grow in complexity throughout the game... although having a kid with me the first time around would′ve helped a lot, as you have to... think like a child! :D

A game that is 100% better to tackle in family: everybody will have their opinion on what to do, where to go or how to interpret the puzzles.
Made by adults for adults, the music, the humor, the graphics all make of this a true GEM of human creativity.
The sacrifice of getting it to work, even if you have to buy an old PC to play it or struggle with an emulator, is VERY well worth it.

One of the BEST games you will EVER play and one that would leave beautiful memories printed in your mind, specially if shared. ;)

Virginia Ramunda-Marty

A true gem in the Adventure Games genre!
I highly recommend playing this game with a notebook, you′ll need it for some dreadful puzzles.

Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you′d like. If you have trouble to run The Neverhood (Windows) first!

The Neverhood – Download - Free Full version

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13 Responses to The Neverhood – Download

  1. semajoja says:

    I stll have a CD copy of it.
    I′m saving for my daughter 18′s birthday….
    she′s only 2.

  2. lakawak says:

    The only solution for games that don′t support windowed mode that I know is to use a window hooker like DxWnd that allows you to run games in windowed mode. There are plenty of tutorials on how to set it up and to my knowledge, it works great,

  3. megamanx8es says:

    So I was able to get it to run, but for capturing purposes (I want to stream this), is there any way I can change the resolution and volume? There are no volume settings in the game, and I can′t get the game out of fullscreen. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. jibba says:

    Hello, i wanted to say something about this. mainly this:

    How did you get this game? its literally impossible. second, Thank you for this i missed playing the Neverhood when i was little. Keep up the good Work.

  5. thuytien says:

    This is sadly why emulation is required these days;

    to archive the hard works of those game developers that gives them free exposure of their works but also to experiece those lost gems that cant be played through original hardware or physical means.

  6. Cole says:

    the original restoration project is no longer active, but following the link on the page provided here will redirect you & give you installation instructions.

    SO happy to finally find this game!

  7. DSun says:


    For anyone having an issue with running on windows 10 see this tutorial on youtube, it got the game working for me!

  8. Rev says:


    It works great when using it on Windows 10, but when I go into certain areas on Windows 7 a command line shows up and the game crashes. Great game though 10/10.

  9. Cusack says:


    use ScummVM ( for playing.

  10. Bacowrath says:

    It says "Error Initializing DirectSound". How do I fix this?

  11. Ruan says:

    To run this, you′ll need to download Daemon Tools Lite, then open the .nrg file with it.

  12. Ando says:

    Ok, so I have no idea how to run the game because it′s a .nrg file. Help.

  13. Apaul27 says:

    oh my God!!! Finally i found it.. very interesting adventure game, when my dad bought for me when i was still a kid

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