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Thursday, Oct 22, 2020


Score: 9/10

Story:It's hard to discuss story of Chains of Satinav without spoiling it, so I'll keep it brief. You play as Geron of Andergast, a bird catcher. People of Andergast believe that he brings bad luck wherever he goes. Every Andergastian worships one of 12 gods, and 13th one 'Satinav' also known as 'The Keeper of Time' is said to be in prison as a punishment for 'bad deeds'.

Score: 9/10

Developer: Daedalic Entertainment

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Release Date: 22 Jun, 2012

Genre: Adventure, Point Click, Puzzle

  • OS: Windows VISTA/7TM
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz Single-Core-Processor or 2 GHz Dual-Core-Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 6 GB
  • Video Card: OpenGL2.0-compatible Graphic Card with 512 MB RAM (Shared-Memory is not recommended)
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Sound: DirectX9.0c-compatible Sound Card
  • Additional: Broadband Internet Connection, Mouse (third mouse button and Scroll-wheel recommended)