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Monday, Mar 4, 2024


Boo hoo. I'm Spider-Man. I can sprint up skyscrapers, lift cars above my head, I have a nice girlfriend, look great in spandex, live in in an affluent part of New York city with my loving aunt, study at a prestigious university and take pictures for a nationally syndicated newspaper. Spider-Man doesn't get to complain about his problems. Beenox, the developers of his latest game, do.

Just how do you make a fresh Spider-Man game? It requires better ideas than this, and a much bigger investment of time and money. You can't take him out of New York because that's like making Captain America German. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions tried it and misfired. You can't copy Rocksteady's Arkham template because its deliberate pace and weighty character movement is purposefully designed for Batman. The Amazing Spider-Man tried its room-clearing, counter-based combat approach and failed. So Beenox do what they did last time.

Developer: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Release Date: N/A

Genre: Action, Adventure

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