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Monday, Mar 1, 2021


I finished this game feeling very angry with the game itself and the people who made it.

As a first impression, you start the game in one of those standard videogame creepy hospitals. After a doctor talks for a while over a speaker and the creep factor slowly ramps up, she gives you a knife and tells you to stab yourself in the chest. But you don't have a chest, because it's a VR game. What you *actually* need to do is stab yourself in the *face*. And that's the simplest and most intuitive puzzle in the game. I had to look up solutions for more than one of the surreal challenges that followed. The in-game hint-system is generous to begin with, but sometimes it can be misleading and by the end of the game it will actually insult you. This was frustrating for me.

Developer: Ultramanbo

Publisher: Ultramanbo

Release Date: Dec/14/2018

Genre: Adult, Anime, Mature, Nudity, Visual Novel


  • CPU: Pentium4 or later recommended
  • Memory: 1GB+ recommended
  • HDD: 2.2GB or more remaining space required