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Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024


Inspired my young son to become a helicopter pilot! For a good decade, he refused to spend money on anything, insisting on saving the money to buy a helicopter--if you played the game you know you can get one for a mere 2000. We were devastated when the Win98 completely fell apart and we discovered that it did not run on the OS du jour.

Unlike many games, you had many different missions you could set, then when flying you could ignore them or not. Makes no pretense of simulation or fluing skill, though coaxing a damaged bird along does take its own kind of skill. They had "radio" tracks of classical and jazz playing, interspersed with with stupid commercials.

Impossible to relate how cool this game is.

We need this game

OMG God this is a game i played the hell out of growing up. How many times remember throwing some annoying passenger out of my chopper, and then of they are injured so get to go pick them back up and either do it again for fun or deliver their puking butt to the hospital then throw them out..

Another fun thing was at the start before you have a harness, trying to rescue capsized boat.....what do you mean you cant swim.......

  • Release name: 模拟直升机
  • Year: 1996
  • Platform: Windows
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Theme: Helicopter
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc.
  • Developer: Maxis Software Inc.
  • Perspectives: 1st-Person, Behind view

2 thoughts on “SimCopter – Download”

  1. Guys, can anybody please build a fix for windows 10? I know somebody did streets of simcity, army men, and other older pc games. Please help us out to make this classic game work on the newer systems.

    Much love

  2. Absolute best game growing up. So much nostalgia.

    Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you′d like. If you have trouble to run SimCopter (Windows) first!

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