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Monday, Jun 21, 2021


Good PES, but doesn't take a giant leap forward from last years series, unlike what FIFA 09' has done compared to FIFA 08 Good but more than likely I'll use FIFA as my main football simulator, and its been a while since I've done that.

It still isn't quite sure if it's arcade or simulation, but at least the players aren't racing through the field like in last year's edition.

The challenge of designing a football game is to achieve the balance between the theatre of realism and arcade controls. PES 2009 achieves this, even though it is far from perfection.

A lot of minor improvements and the official UEFA Champions League license make sure that Pro Evolution Soccer can defend the number one spot - but this time it has to share it with FIFA 09. Despite the license, not all teams carry their original name and the Champions League is called European Championship. The online-mode works for the first time, but it's still too complicated and unclear. All in all, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is a bit better than last year's version, but only as good as FIFA 09.The match engine is a return to form and it feels somewhat relieving knowing I’ll have a football game to enjoy this year, but the entire thing looks thrown together and basic when compared to what a certain other developer is getting out of the same development kit.Hikaye = 0
Oynanış = 8
Grafikler = 6
Sesler = 6
Keyif = 9
Atmosfer = 6
Süre = 10

PES: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 was a good soccer game, and I remember that I played with my cousins, I had a lot of fun, and it's to have a good time.

Good PES, but doesn’t take a giant leap forward from last years series, unlike what FIFA 09′ has