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Wednesday, Dec 7, 2022

Well it certainly took them long enough, but Sega and Sonic Team have finally released a proper sequel to one of the first online console games, Phantasy Star Online. Released on the Dreamcast back in 2001, PSO was an action-focused role-playing game that allowed four players to join over a dial-up connection and stomp through dungeons with guns and swords blazing. It was popular because it was simple to understand but contained some real depth by offering a lot of weird, rare items that had players replaying the same four worlds over and over again with the hope that they’d find something crazy. It was also popular because it was free to play online. Updates were released that never really caught on because they were marginal updates that didn’t really bring much to the game. They also never caught on because Sega started charging a monthly fee to play the game.

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