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Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024

It’s obligatory for every article on Overgrowth to start with a bit on how long it has been in development, so here’s mine: When Wolfire Games first started work on the rabbit beat ’em up, George W. Bush and Gordon Brown were still in office, the first Android phone had not yet launched, and there was only one Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. The Humble Bundle was a spin-off project from Overgrowththat is how much the industry has changed while this game’s development trundled on.

So, after nine years of continuous, open development, you probably want to know what Overgrowth is, and the answer is this: Overgrowth is fast. Overgrowth is very, very fast. The protagonist, Turner, is a giant rabbit man, which means he has the proportional strength and speed of a rabbit (probably, don’t check the science on this). He runs with astonishing speed, he can leap a hundred feet through the air and his kicks are devastatingly brutal.

And he kicks a lot.

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