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Saturday, Dec 5, 2020


When playing through this game I could only help but think about what Stephen King said about Kubrick's film 'The Shining.' He said that it was like a fancy car without an engine. That is exactly what Memento Mori is like. It may look great, but it just can't do that much. The look of the game is really great. The beginning is very promising with a dead scientist surfacing and it is apparent that you will be involved in finding out why and how he died and your first task in this point and click adventure is to get dressed and find your cell phone so you can charge it. I'm dead serious. The game is full of mundane tasks like this. Point and clicks are usually known for their puzzles and their stories. The puzzles are pretty lacking, and even when you do get a puzzle, they aren't that difficult. There are more mundane tasks then puzzles in this game.
Well, if the story is great it doesn't matter about the lack of puzzles right? Well....The story isn't bad. I've ready other reviews saying that this is a story driven game that pushes you to keep playing. I beg to differ. I felt that the story was nothing really special. Honestly, this game was a chore to play, due to the lack of brainpower this game required and the cast of characters. On the whole, the performances are hit and miss. Sometimes the voice acting is great, and other times you can almost visualise the actor in the booth with the script in front of him. What also drives me crazy is that while you may hear anger or frustration in the characters voice, the body language and facial expressions of the character do not convey any of this emotion. It's very easy to separate the voice from the character, and that is annoying. This game has also been praised for its ending. Depending on what you do and say throughout the game (Mass Effect even affected point and click games) you will get one of six endings. The problem that I see with the ending is that it feels disjointed from the rest of the game. The focus of the ending is entirely different from the rest of the game, which can really throw you off.
Now to the only good point, the look of the game. It is great to look at. The cinematics are fitting and the places you get to visit are beautifully rendered. Every action has an animation. A lot of work went into the graphic design and it is the only solid gold star I can give this game.
Hopefully, Memento Mori 2 will be less of a disapppointment. I bought the Memento Mori Bundle for 7.99. Memento More 2 will have to be incredible for me to believe that buying these games is worth suffering through the first one.

Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Release Date: 9 Nov, 2012

Genre: Adventure, Point Click


  • OS:Windows XP
  • Processor:Intel Pentium® IV 1,6 GHz or equal AMD CPU
  • Memory:512 MB RAM
  • Graphics:128MB video memory, with Shader Model 2.0 support
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
  • Sound:DirectX compatible
  • Additional:keyboard, mouse


  • OS:Windows Vista, Seven
  • Processor:Intel Pentium® Core 2 Duo 2,0 GHz or equal AMD CPU
  • Memory:1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics:256MB video memory, with Shader Model 2.0 support
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
  • Sound:DirectX compatible
  • Additional:keyboard, mouse