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Friday, May 7, 2021


Take a good look through the reviews and you'll see, for the most part, it's people who bought a Rift or Win MR headset that are complaining. To put that in perspective, neither Oculus home nor the WindowsMR store offer any direct support for any other headsets but their own.

Now I'm not going to tell you what headset to to buy or use. I'm also not going to say people who are having issues have no merit in their complaints. I'm simply going to say I've never had any issues with either the Vive or Index on SteamVR (both of which I own) and when using friends headsets (both a Rift and Asus Win MR headset) it's just worked as well. Any issues I did find (and I did) where usually related to something the 3rd party drivers where doing, not SteamVR itself.

Take a good look through the reviews and you’ll see, for the most part, it’s people who bought a Rif