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Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

The early hours of Kingdom Come are surprisingly peaceful. You help your father, the town blacksmith, at the forge. Run errands for your mother. Cause trouble with your mates. Flirt with your girlfriend. But just as youre getting comfortable with protagonist Henrys simple life, a mysterious army attacks the village, burns it down, and kills everyone he loves. This is the brutal flashpoint for the games epic tale of war, political turmoil, and vengeance, and I was genuinely devastated, and angry, when it happened.

It helps that Henry is such a likeable hero. There isnt much to him, but I think thats the point. Hes so normal, so unassuming, that his presence provides a firm, relatable foundation for the story. As he reluctantly leaves his old life behind, becoming a page for a lord who takes a shine to him and finding himself on the frontline of a bloody war, hes just as overwhelmed by everything as you are.

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