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Monday, Mar 30, 2020


* Story

There is a luxury nightclub with demi-human hostesses known as њDemi-Stage Cafeќ.

In the guise of a restaurant, the hostesses provide customers with sexual service.

Let™s train the hostesses in your favorite ways with lewd orders in your hands.

Hardcore Realtime 3D!

Every single sex position is elaborated in pursuit of the quality!

Presented with lots of different situations, including abnormal ones. A huge volume!

Massive bukkake with well-depicted sperm fluid!!

It™s moving! On/Off X-ray view is selectable.

Developer: miconisomi

Publisher: miconisomi

Release Date: Sep/28/2018

Genre: Adult, Anime, Mature, Nudity, Visual Novel

System Requirements


  • CPU: intel core i5 or greater recommended
  • Memory: 4.0GB+ available space
  • HDD: 10GB or more remaining space
  • Video: nVIDIA GeForce450 or greater required
  • DirectX: 11

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