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Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023


As a late answer to KISSKIZZKISS′s question, Raven Software released the source code to both Heretic and Hexen in 1999. This let′s you add anything you want into Hexen (including NPCs) if you have the programming skills to do it. If you instead want something up to date (and a little easier), Zandronum and GZDoom support DECORATE, which is an easier way of coding in your own things for mods, or even entire games; and since Strife has been ported to those two source ports, you could just copy the NPC code from Strife, and then add to Hexen.

attention fellow gamers:
regardless of if you download the game here or own the cdrom for the following games=doom(1and2)=heretic=hexen=strife. there is a wonderful program called ZANDRONUM (forget dosbox for these games) download the free zandronum program and enjoy these games as they SHOULD be played, play them in the windows environment, I play using the mouse+WASD keys , and if your pc suppords OPENGL then you can make the game look MUCH MUCH better.
so if you didn′t know about this program then you OWE it to yourself to give it a try. trust me you won′t be disappointed.
have a very superhappyfuntime my fellow gamers.

HeXeN! Oh how I love thee! It remains in my top 5 video games of all time. It was always superior to DooM and Heretic in my opinion. I have so many memories of this game, primarily playing modem-to-modem games with my friend, and later on serial and LAN games. We always played co-operatively. I was always the cleric and he was always the mage. We had to unplug all the phones in our house so we could dial each other at night to play modem games. My computer was slower so he always had to wait for mine to load. When one of us died, we had to disconnect and dial back so we could reload our save game so we could retain all our items. Later on we got smarter, you could press a key (F11 maybe?) to "see through each others′ eyes"... So we would take turns going through difficult sections, and one of us would stand in front of a level-warp portal and watch the other do difficult jumps. If he started to fall, we would press forward so it would warp us out before he died. Ahaha. So many classic memories.

Highly recommended. Truly. If you have never played HeXeN, you owe it to yourself to try it out. You won′t regret it. Amazing atmosphere, amazing gameplay, amazing level design, just everything is top notch. Great!

The long awaited sequel to the Heretic universe, back then...

Man how was I keen and expectant about it! Then I played it and... It was good, but not as good as Heretic... Heretic was a great action game, while Hexen needs you to think too much and you have to orienate much too often on repetetive areas while searching for gears, skulls, gems and other puzzle pieces to solve a whole level hub. Sometimes it really was frustrating, so I always prefered it′s prequel a little bit more!

But all in all a very recommendable game, where you have much more to do than just running and fragging around while just searching for keys... A nice challenge, also for your mind! ;)

  • Release name: Hexen 95, Hexen, Heretic 2
  • Year: 1995
  • Platform: DOS
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Action
  • Theme: FPS, Fantasy, Shooter
  • Publisher: id Software, Inc.
  • Developer: Raven Software Corporation
  • Perspective: 1st-Person
  • Dosbox support – Fully supported on current version

21 thoughts on “Hexen: Beyond Heretic – Download”

  1. Baron of hell, you moron. Why do you think that the CD version exists in the first place? Seriously, you are an absolute idiot if you can′t grasp why the CD version is so much larger.

  2. when i was small….i admire this game alot…it will go beyond day and nights to finish this game and i love this game to the end…but I havent finish yet and finish it this time foresure

  3. The ISO version must have the audio tracks from the retail disc instead of MIDI…
    I have an original copy of Hexen that features this. Maybe this explains why it is 500+mb

  4. could not get the expansion to work,,,,maybe because I am using zandronum.
    will have to try it in dosbox I am guessing.

  5. Hexen along with doom, doom2, shadow warrior, heretic, dark forces and quake
    Superseed any game of today. These particular games are timeless and just fantastic in my opinion.
    And they can all be played once again on these new modern computers thanks to the DOSBOX program. Fabulous

  6. lots of puzzles and shit ,very very muind boggling i said. sometiems i just doint want to think in games,. but ,if you like to think , and like having puzzles in games and sit aorund and do a lo of thinking, then, well, GREAT !!

  7. If the gamma is too high for you as well, like a previous poster said, press F11 in an active game to adjust the Gamma correction.
    This is an excellent game, by the way.


  9. Shit if im Defeat that Korax that should be a Teleport and another Hostles incoming in the Left and Right doors open at them

    Okay okay ill go home watch my back

  10. A very very very good game!!! The game of my childhood! And the mage player is very good, it′s the only shot (the first weapon) that doesn′t spend mana

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