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Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023


it is incredible seeing all these good games being added to the site recently. What a great year this will be! Played HALO years ago back when the old Xfire was alive... Halo is amazing on PC as it was on the original xbox. For PC you can use controller OR mouse and keyboard, you can manually set the buttons for your controller too. Sorry to say its single player only for the split-screen/co-op feature like the xbox. The story for halo is great and the cut-scenes were done well, it brings a lot of action and interest that keeps you focused in beating the game. For those who haven′t played it, you won′t know until you try it!! Give it a go and download. After all these years it is still great to play.

I went to a boarding school (I′m at Uni now) in which we got leave the facilities only on the weekend, so we would spend hours playing video games :D We were allowed to organise one event every year which we would call the "Boyz Night", which was filled with ordering large amount of junk food music and playing video games. We had gaming consoles and PC′s, so we took games from around 10-15 years ago that everybody could run, as not all laptops had a Nvdidia graphics card. Games such as COD:WWII (the old one hahaha) and THIS. Truly a classic that can be played over the same Wi-Fi network or over LAN. Thanks for uploading this.

Nothing really needs to be said about Halo Combat Evolved. This is the historic FPS that started the franchise familiar to gamers and non-gamers alike. Possibly the highlight of myabandonware, when played at its highest resolution, the exciting and eerie landscapes of the game′s ring world are unforgettable. Besides the excellent shooting, Halo also features entertaining driving sequences with the Warthog and some truly frightening aliens. A classic.

Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you′d like. If you have trouble to run Halo: Combat Evolved (Windows) first!

  • Release name: 最後一戰, 光晕:战斗进化, Monkey Nuts, Halo: Kampf um die Zukunft, Halo: El Combate ha Evolucionado, Guangyun: Zui Hou Yizhan, Blam!, ヘイロー
  • Year: 2003
  • Platform: Windows
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Action
  • Theme: Flight, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Tank, War
  • Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Developer: Bungie Studios
  • Perspectives: 1st-Person, Behind view

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  1. I didn′t think this game would ever be abandonware… Well surprise surprise. Also surprising to see some other games I didn′t think we′re abandonware and other programs

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