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Game Summary:

  • Release name: 俠盜獵車手, 侠盗车手, Race and Chase, GTA
  • Year: 1997
  • Platform: Windows
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Action, Racing / Driving
  • Theme: Crime
  • Publisher: ASC Games
  • Developer: DMA Design Limited
  • Perspectives: 2D scrolling, Top-Down
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I′m an anonymous, if it is′nt (how can i spell "egyértelmű" in hungarian language? don′t tell me the google translater; i don′t really want to use it, just ′cause of some MMO-brained kid.)
from the nickname. Anyway, i will go to the point. GTA 1 is so much nostalgia for me, when i was a kid, i did only played this from the series in 2004 or so... it was like yesterday-mintha csak tegnap lett volna. i′m a hungarian, and i supossed to use this, and don′t tell me that i′m a hungarian just ′cause, y′ all know, !!!
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I have pointed up on you, just ′cause you did tell what is your problem. Anyway it′s maybe cause the game that you play from the CD. and i will download it soon and run it in dosbox, just cause in 2004 i did played it with some criteries:

#1:from the CD
#2:dos version with win 98
#3:always used the troy char, just cause it had all the levels on the CD

and i did spell, what′s my nostalgia...

Back when you used to get points for reaping havoc on the city between missions.

Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you′d like. If you have trouble to run Grand Theft Auto (Windows) first! Your nickname: Your comment: Version: Any Windows DOS Send comment

Grand Theft Auto – Download - Free Full version

  1. Download
  2. Unzip files
  3. Setup and Install
  4. Launch the game.
  5. Play!

18 Responses to Grand Theft Auto – Download

  1. Sosada says:

    Everything is extracted, installed, settings saved, etc. The game won′t launch with the application file. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  2. McKellar says:

    Game runs but I′m having a serious frame rate issue. I get anywhere from 1-5 fps, which is horrid to say the least. I′m using a Surface Pro 3 (64 gb ssd model w/ 4 gbs of ram and integrated graphics)

  3. KernelSaf says:

    Played it…finished it!!! Now if only i could get gta london working as well…

  4. typx says:

    The game starts but keep telling me that the cd is missing.
    i mont with daemon tools and dont work…
    Need some help here, please.

  5. marvgeek says:

    I never played this when it came out, and I just can′t figure out how anybody did. The from the top camera angle and speed with which it moves is atrocious, vomit inducing, and gives me seasickness. Can′t even play it.

  6. bluescarwolf says:

    how do i play once it is downloaded it just takes me to adf files to read thats

  7. adide craft says:


  8. Nishit says:

    i did just recognized the familiar galaxians figures at every comment. it is so cool, how it is animated. i have also did played so many galaxians clones, or so on my win 98, or so.

  9. Chrise says:

    252,253,254,255. i can′t even spell the megabytes – so fast – that it downloads

  10. Mavfin says:

    downloading right now. i didn′t even know that just the istaller is 328 mb. then how big what that it installs? anyway it won′t effect the computer, i trust in this site so don′t worth it that i would going to download the Sandbox sec system. i hope that this site will not abuse my trust.

  11. Mario Head says:

    is the win installer includes the dos version? anyway i will try it first, but i have memories from 2004-2005 or so that my brother played the win version, and it is even had the same nostalgia that the dos version had PLUS i can remember my brother with this.

  12. anil says:

    even the sreenshots is so much nostalgia for me – kill frenzy. in my language it is don′t so nostalgic – gyilkolási roham.

  13. Mat says:


    So, so true. it is so cool, how can i did my parents pissed off with the sirens.

  14. Kelseyyyy says:

    *pointed up on you- with the upper arrow y′ know. i hope the moderator will not be disappointed, anyway i′m even not perfect 😉

  15. vittal says:

    can only get 60 fps at low colour but still looks ok to me amazing fun and if you want best performance use low colour

  16. Hitler says:

    cant find where the FULL game actually installed there was this other thing that I chose but launchbox didn′t like it BECAUSE it wasn′t the game and setup.exe wasn′t workin so I gave up after 30 mins of serachin my pc with help of cortana

  17. Yaha says:

    Game runs fine as high as 640×480, but any higher it crashes out on me. I never played this game when it was released, but it′s pretty fun. I′ll stick to the dos version in dosbox for now, not sure if the windows version in wine would do 800×600 or not.

  18. wolfplayer says:

    For some reason game glitches and when I try to change resolution it closes the game shortly after.

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