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Friday, Dec 4, 2020


This is my favourite Mahjong game, and I have played dozens over the years. Makes me play every day.I really like the game but I found one missing feature - the game is exclusive for Switch - why there is no HD rumble when I select the tile?
Of course as an option...
Very beautiful game and relaxing to play. Love that you get new games every day! Screensaver in TV mode is also very cool. Best Mahjong I've played!

Wonderful and relaxing. Have been playing it every day for 2 weeks now. New levels every day and changing seasons.

I think this is the best Mahjong game I ever played. Whenever I play it I feel relaxed - wellness for the spirit. The graphics and pictures are beautiful, as well as the music. I definitely recommend this to every Mahjong fan.Pure Mahjong is the most beautiful mahjong game I know, the atmosphere is relaxing and the experience very pleasant, a very entertaining game with different levels every day.

Ich mag das Spiel sehr gerne denn es bietet eine gut ausgewogene Herausforderung und macht einfach SpaƟ.

Oh my word - This is the most amazing Mahjong Game ever! Love to play it! Love everything about it: Graphics, Music, Backgrounds, Fortune Cookies, Chinese Calender much to discover!The best Mahjong game I've played. They've created a wonderful relaxing experience steeped in Chinese culture around the game, which changes throughout the year, in accordance to the seasons. I've never been to mainland China, but this game makes me want to go!Definitely the best and most beautiful Mahjong game for the Switch. Great graphics, endless levels, nice music. Very relaxing and challenging at the same time.Wow! I'd never really played Mahjong before, but I downloaded this because it looked interesting and I've basically played it every single day since. Really well done!

Developer: SPLUSH WAVE

Publisher: SPLUSH WAVE

Release Date: Jan/10/2018

Genre: Adult, Anime, Mature, Nudity, Visual Novel


  • CPU: Pentium4 1.3GHz or greater (Pentium4 2.0GHz or greater recommended)
  • Memory: 1GB or greater (2GB or greater recommended)
  • HDD: 2GB or greater
  • Video: 1280720 dot full color
  • DirectX: 9.0c or later