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Thursday, Nov 26, 2020


I bought this game and gave it a chance by playing it with my cousins and a friend. We played it more or less all the way through, but honestly I don't think reaching the end would really be worth it. We made it to (I think) the final boss but then it glitched out and we couldn't progress. We stopped there and I immediately decided to refund this game.
This game feels like a flash game you'd find somewhere on the internet. Seriously everything in this game is just so...lacking and repetitive. The random encounters are annoying, some weapons are CLEARLY better than others, the mini-games are a chore and are boring, and the bosses just drag on and on. At some point all four of us had the automatic rifle and I swear the only thing we heard was non-stop loud gunfire, which was really irritating to the ears. This game is not worth $8 and there are so many other couch co-op games out there that beat this one by a long shot.

This is a very fun game, perfect for playing on the couch with a few friends.
Unlocks, through collected coins, are plenitful and never feel too far away.

Developer: Torrunt

Publisher: Torrunt

Release Date: 7 Apr, 2017

Genre: Adventure, Action, Shooter


  • Processor: 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 180 MB available space