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Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024


frontier elite two is the sequel to elite whitch i playd on my c64 the idea was you were a space trader from a long line of traders and you had to trade with other planets but elit was not your ordinery simulation game a lot of the time you were tasked with destroying threats like pirates and thargoids no we get to the graphics this was a wireframe 3d game which blow peoples minds then it is still awsesome in 2011 then we see the sequel which takes place in the same universe with better graphics

What an epic epic game! I see the composer (Dave Lowe of Uncle Art Music for those who don′t know) has just released an Orchestral Version played by Chamber Orchestra of London. Check it out here if you love this game!

It′s Elite 2 version include all patches that repaired most of these errors?

Frontier Developments released a shareware version of the game to the legions of fans through the Elite Club website (dead site). This version includes all the post-release patches and removes the copy protection schema, although Frontier Developments have neglected to complete the alleged missing code and there remain a number of now well known bugs.

Nomadski - Now it can be made reality: David Braben the creator of Elite and Frontier: Elite2 has made a Kickstarter project for Elite: Dangerous, the long awaited sequel. Contribute and pledge! :-)

If theres ever a game that needs to be remade, its this one.

Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you′d like. If you have trouble to run Frontier: Elite II first! Your nickname: Your comment: Version: Any DOS Amiga Atari ST Send comment

  • Release name: FE2
  • Year: 1993
  • Platform: DOS
  • Released in: United States
  • Genre: Action, Simulation
  • Theme: FPS, Managerial, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Space Flight, Trade
  • Publisher: GameTek, Inc.
  • Developer: Frontier Developments Ltd.
  • Perspective: 1st-Person
  • Dosbox support – Fully supported on current version

9 thoughts on “Frontier: Elite II – Download”

  1. I was playing and I′m playing right now 😉
    Amiga version is better in visual quality and music.
    But the essence is the same in DosBox ver.
    I played EVE for as much as Elite II but it′s not the same.

  2. Frontier Elite was the godfather of all space sim′s. It′s the game that could take you where no other games of the day could ever reach, got me hook line and sinker

  3. heres a sound tip if the game crashes when you warp,change block size to 2048 and pre buffer to 20,in d-fends sound section.also remember to tick the activate sound box,mine was off when first installed

  4. ah nostalgia…
    anyways, installed D-fend, game works, hurrah!

    copy protection. dammit. does anyone have page 48 of the manual, or know the first letter of word 3 on line 3?

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