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Monday, Aug 2, 2021

Last year I played Football Manager 14 in classic mode, the faster, more streamlined version of the game. Going straight from that to a full game of Football Manager 15 is like sprinting headlong into a wall of molasses.

Football Manager is often billed as the football RPG: selling the feeling of a managers life as much as the strategy game built around it. Its one of those ideas that sounds fantastic on paper, but every time Sports Interactive try and embrace the idea, they just end up adding more press conferences.

Press conferences are to Football Manager what Desmond is to Assassins Creed. No-one likes them, no-one wants them, but SI keep trying to make them work. Now there are also tunnel interviews and lots more player conversations, all of which involve answering a series of questions and selecting a tone (assertively, calmly, passionately) and all of which take far too long.

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