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Thursday, Apr 18, 2024

It wasn’t long after I started playing Farming Simulator 15 that my eyes began to glaze over. Its not because of the subject matter, which at its best I actually found oddly relaxing as I cultivated, sowed, and harvested my fields, up one row and down the other, with nothing but my thoughts and the diesel roar of my Deutz-Fahr to keep me company. The trouble is that underneath, it’s not really much of a simulation at all. It’s just tractor porn.

I was initially enthusiastic about Farming Simulator 15 because of the obvious effort that went into creating its undeniably impressive array of agricultural machinery. Tractors and attachments look fantastic, with switches, knobs, and buttons all where they should be, plus flashing lights, augers that move realistically, and even caked-on dirt that looks right.

But far less attention to detail has been paid to the rest of the game.

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