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Saturday, Dec 2, 2023


By Phil Iwaniuk.

Autumn of 2008: Ferrari and McLaren are locked in a championship battle that will go right down to the wire. While other teams cease development of their current car and instead look ahead to next season and its significant rule changes, these two teams are forced to bring package updates to every remaining race of this season in a bid to secure the drivers championship for Massa or Hamilton. 2009 rolls in, and both teams are floundering while the likes of Brawn GP and its blown rear diffuser blitz past.

F1 2014 is very much the floundering old guard in what Im only now revealing as an indulgent opening analogy. Earlier in the year its developer Codemasters announced it was working on two F1 titlesone for old-gen consoles and PC, and a later revamped game for newer hardware.

Developer: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Release Date: N/A

Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sport

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